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Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday

Happy Halloween!!!!
Also on this day 5 years ago our beautiful Liam decided to come into the world!
Top photo is Liam at 4 months, and bottom is Liam now!  Still just a beautiful as he was when he was a baby!

What I'm working on

At the moment I am working on a single sized Crochet Rainbow Blanket, I have never made one this big before for a customer so I'm praying it works!

What are you working on?
Only about another 100 squares to go ;)
Kylie xxxx

Granny Squares

I love working with Granny Squares, you can make just about anything with them! And one of my loves at the moment is making baby blankets.
You can make them a colorful as you like or just have them plain!

The options are endless, granny Sqaure are also perfect way to get started when learning crochet!
Here's an awesome like to a pattern:
Have fun creating :)
Kylie  Xxxx

Just a few things I have been up to

Here are some photos of a few things I have been creating in the last few months.
Boys Bunny Rug
Blue and Grey Baby Blanket
Christmas Snow Flakes
Little Girl Dresses
Just a quick little post this morning, better get these boys off to school
Thank you for stopping by

Rainbows Make Me Smile

I'm not usally a fan of variegated yarns, but I gave found one that I love and puts a smile on my face!
One of the online stores I love purchasing my yarns from is they have a fantastic range yarns this rainbow yarn is from "Merry Go Round" it is also soo soft ans us perfect for baby blankets!


Wow.....almost 12 months has past!

OMG I can't believe it's almost been 12 months since I last blogged....... How did that happen!!!

Well I'm back, and first thing is first I need to redo my blog it looks terrible lol so over the next few nights I am going to set aside some time to get things looking good :)

I have lots of exciting things to add and even some awesome tutorials so watch out :)

Be back very soon and hopefully things will look a bit better!