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This weeks 3 Faviout Things

While searching though Etsy this week I came across these 3 wonderful items and shops that I would like to share with you.
This is so Fun and Funky!

How beautiful are these

I thought this was so wonderful.

To Celebrate my 50th Post

I am giving away a packet of 5 crochet Flowers, your choice in color.
To be in the running for this leave a comment below over the next 2 days (finish day Sunday) and I will pick one lucky winner, please also leave me your email address so I can contact you. Please tell your friends and family too come and join in too.

I would love to thank-you all for leaving such wonderful comments on my Blog.

Boutique Creation Prize Packs

Wow check these out, This is what I will be donating to Got Sketch 102 (link on side--->) it contains 6 packs of Crochet Flowers and a Beautiful Crochet brooch. If you would like to be in the running for this and soo many other Fantastic prizes head on over to Got Sketch 102 ---->

Looks like a busys week for Me.

I am amazed of how good things are going over at Etsy with my sales at the moment. In the past weeks i have had 11 sales, which is more than I could of ever wished for (but so thank-ful).
I have really been spending time on my shop changing a few things around, Blogging and chatting on forums etc....
So this week I have to pack and send off my orders and also finish off my prize packs for "Got Sketch 102", I might even have to ask Glenn (hubby) for some

I will get some pics up of the prize packs that will be up for grabs over at "Got Sketch 102" (link on side bar) in the next couple of days.

My 3 Favirot Things This Week!

While searching on Etsy this week I found these:

Amethyst Wraparound Bracelet

Chillin (black bg) - Acrylic on Canvas (9x12)

Mod circles and rings long felt wallet

Hope you like them as much as I do

I Think the Drought is Breaking.....

I have had 2 sales on Esty in the past 24 hours, one for my Coffee Cup Cozies and another Custom Order, I really hope this is a sing that things are going to start piking up again.
It was good as last night I finished off another pair of Coffee Cup Cozies just as I made the sale, think I will have to make a few, check them out!

I am really excited to let you all know that I will be a prize sponsor for "Got Sketch 102" Check it out its going to be a hoot! and I will have more up soon about it all.

2 New Clutches

I decided to finish off a couple of clutches I had on the go, a pretty purple and a Beautiful Green. I just absolute love working with this yarn, its 100% Australian wool and its so soft and not like some cheap wools that can be quite coarse. I also decided to make a start on my SIL's baby gift (she due a week before me) so I making a lovely green and cream baby blanket, I just hope she like it too.. (pics soon). I am hoping tonight I will get a chance to sit down and so some scrapbooking and relax (fingers crossed we get the kiddies in bed early), so hoping to have a few pics of someLO's tomorrow for you all.....

Whats up for today???

Not to sure at the moment, the weather is looking very Yuk at the moment so it doesn't look like the kids will be playing outside......
I really want to do some brain storming today and think of something new to create. I get really frustrated with myself if I don't know what to do, I start looking at other Blogs and sites for inspiration but sometimes even then I can't get the mojo happening!
I might just spend some time on the forums on Etsy chatting to other people and promoting ~:)

Fingers crossed I'm back later with some creative mojo......

Some Scrapbooking Done

Last night we got the kids in bed early so I decided to sit down and do some scrapbooking. I decided to do some of the Challenges from the Cyber Corp from Scrapbook n Bits, here's what I did last night: And these two I got down over the weekend: Have a wonderful day I'm off to put my feet up and think about my next creation.

New Cream Coasters

Its definitely starting to get harder and harder every day to get things done, I now have 9 weeks left untill this little bugger comes out and I am so looking forward to that, I just miss sleeping on my belly lol....

I know I wont be getting much crochet work done after bubz arrives so my Etsy shop will just be renewing and re listing of stock so I do plan on getting as much up into the shop before the baby comes.
This is a set of coasters I have just finished I hope you like them:

Just a few of my Fav.Things

I am dedicating this post to just some of the beautiful things on Etsy. Check out my favorites each week as I will upload 3 of the must haves of Etsy!
I finally go a chance to take a photo of the coasters I created last week,it been quite hard getting a good photo with this weather, though I did manage to get a little sun.

Yesterday we decided to take the boys to HeasevillSanctuary which they had an absolute ball looking at all the native animals, though there fav. was the Kangaroo and wombat!

I got to take this beautiful Pic of the boys running off on us lol

New cozies and costers to come....

Well I have manage to get a few things done over the past few days, I got these cute cozies done and also some nice pretty coasters (though I haven't had a chance to take a pic). The cozies are up in my etsy shop and the coaster will be up tomorrow, I will post some pics tomorrow on my blog too.

I Scrapped!

Today has been a slow day on the crochet side of things, though I did get inspired to scrap a LO, its been a while since I last did any scrapbboking so it was nice to sit down while my little one was sleeping.
Though I havn't done any housework! Argh

New Coffee Cup Cozies

I decided last night that I would wipe up another set of my coffee cup cozies as last time I made some up they sold very quickly so finger crossed the same thing happens.This time I have gone with a prettier look rather than Funky, what do u think? Hoping to get a few more things up this week so please stay tuned! TFL!

August Already???

Where has the year gone???
I am now 30 weeks pregnant and the excitement is really starting to set in and can't wait t meet my new little man, just getting the last few thing together then I think we are ready.....
On the creative side of things I have also been very busy crocheting flowers for an online scrapbook shop (
I have also been working on a few Spring/Summer things for my etsy shop

Enjoy and TFL!