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New Embellishment Site

Its fantastic! Karen from Scrapbook'n'Bits has just opened another wonderful site called ScrapbookBlossoms It stocks heaps of flowers, including some of my crochet flowers all at fantastic prices. Be sure to check it out!


Nothing new, just wanted to let you all know that I will be busy crocheting some scrapbooking flowers for a couple of scrapbooking shops. So that should keep me very busy for the next few weeks!

Not much has been happening over at my Etsy shop latly.....I'm doing all the things I uaslly do but it just seems so quite atm, what about for you?

New Funk Costers

I think......?????

I thought of this new design of crochet costers lined with fabric, now that I hav finished them I'm not to sure about them........