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New Ring

Well I had a play arounf with my Crochet ring desgin today, I would love to hear what you think.

Hair Clips......

A few of the new things I will be doing this year is hair clips, I have been having a little play around with them and today I finished this:
A Rose Hair Clip!

As well as hair clips I have a few ideas in my head so I will be doing some more hair clips soon as well as a few rings......fingers crossed they work out!


This is another bookmark I have made, I would really love to hear what other Colours and designs you might like to see
Well I have had this idea for a while now of crocheting some bookmarks, after a bit of trial and error I have finally settled with a design.

Would love to hear what you all think :)

Man its Hot!

It has been soo hot here the last week, too hot to do anything (or I'm just lazy lol)

I did manage to finish off a custom order for a friend. Its a clutch for her HipTop, here it is:
We have finally finished the Jan. Birthdays so now I might have some more time on my hands to get some of those unfinished projects done!

Where have I been???

Well we have just come back from a wonderful Holiday travelling around NSW, Australia! We had such a lovely time and I think it what we all needed. A break from the everyday routine.......

The kids had a ball, doing different things to what we would normally do, so it was also refreshing for them too.
So I have lots of pics to catch up on, Christmas, Achlans Birthday and some holiday pics too:

Achlan Christmas day

Boys at the park in Glenrowan

Achlan and Tomo!

Well these are just a few I still have soo many to go though!

So now that I have taken a nice little brake from everything Monday is my 'get my butt into gear day' and start working out a few new creations and coming up with some new ideas for my shop!

I would just like to Thank all the lovely people that come a visit my Blog and Shop and for all your lovely comments last year, Thank-you!