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LeeLoo and Millaruby Designs

Have you been over to LeeLoo lately??? There are some Fantastic Australian Designer there and now so is Boutique Creations, Pop over and Chek then out! Also I have just finished an order for Caddy has the most beautiful baby clothing, so pop on over and check her out.

Hope eveyone had a wonderful weekend, I just finished off a few orders and a bit of gardening.

Send out lots of LOVE to you all :)

Christmas Already?????

I have just made a start on a order for 120 Christmas Stars, last year they sold really well and sold over 500 so really hoping to beat that this year! After I finish this order I will be making a start on stars for my shop.

Also, I did some scrapbooking over the weekend:

And here is a pic of Liam sleeping, he is such a beautiful sleeper! He is now almost 10 months, were has the year gone.........

New Listings

First of all I want to thank everyone that helped me get my Facebook Fan Page but up and running I now over 200 fans back, I am very greatful to you all and all the wonderful comments that you leave xoxoxox

This is the New creations I have put in my shop Today:

Pink Card Clutch

Purple Card Clutch

Hot Pink Summer Fun Brooch

3 Layer Summer Flower Brooch

I hope everyone is LOVING the Sun Shine!

Loving this SunShine

Oh wow we have been having such beautiful weather the past few dat which is nice! It really makes you want to get things done, so I painted my white desk and now looks nice and freash, though I still have a few finishing touches then I will take a piccie :)
Also the garden is looking fantastic, I now LOVE looking out at it :)

I am also getting ready for my fist Craft market so I though I would just start off with the brooches and rings and see how I go, its not till another 3 weeks but really want to get things looking good :)

I will have some more pics soon of some of my new creations (I have my camera on charge)

Hope everyone is haveing a wonderful day!

A Few Newbies

While I have been busy out in the garden getting things ready for Summer I have also felt very creativeand have been crocheting and scrapbooking, heres whay I have been doing:

This little sweet card clutch!

Black Rose Brooch with a Hot Pink Button! I just LOVE this coor combo!

Some Scrapbooking:

This is my LO for Round 3 for  Embellished Scrapbooking

And this is my take on the Monthy Chalenge for Scrapbook n Bits

I am really hoping to have a very creative day today, the weather is yucky out there so a perfect day to stay indoors!

Almost there.....

Well after accidentally deleting my FaceBook Fan Page (opps) I have started a new one and have already got over 100 back, so that's good!

I have also been busy putting a few new things into my shop:

 This is a Fun Summer Brooch!

This is a beautiful Dusty Pink Phone Cozie

This is my NEW Phone Charm!

Would love to hear what you think!

Oh No!

I had a wonderful Facebook Fan Page for Boutique Creations with almost 400 fans and had put a lot of work into getting it set up. And then it just Vanished.................All thathard work for nothing, so I'm a very sad girl today having to start all over again.....

I would love you all to join my New FanPage

Don't you just hate it when things like that happen!

Just an update

Hoping to get some playtime this afternoon when the boys are sleeping, I have soo much I want to do, but I have so much I need to do lol (housework

I did managed to create a little Mobile Phone Charm yesterday (IÍI take a piccie soon), its really quite sweet. So hoping to be able to work on that a bit more to get it just right and maybe introduce them into the shop :)

But other than doing lots of baking, not much else seems to be getting done........

Wow Liam is now just over 9 months old and hes talking to me, as I walk in the room he looks up at me and say "Mama" it so sweet :)

Shabby Chic Necklace

I thought I would have a play around with making some necklaces and came up with this:

The Necklave is 43com round and is ajustiable and is made from white ribbon and cotton with a clasp!
I would really love to hear some opinions :)