Just an update

Hoping to get some playtime this afternoon when the boys are sleeping, I have soo much I want to do, but I have so much I need to do lol (housework etc...lol)

I did managed to create a little Mobile Phone Charm yesterday (IÍI take a piccie soon), its really quite sweet. So hoping to be able to work on that a bit more to get it just right and maybe introduce them into the shop :)

But other than doing lots of baking, not much else seems to be getting done........

Wow Liam is now just over 9 months old and hes talking to me, as I walk in the room he looks up at me and say "Mama" it so sweet :)


Audrey said…
It's tough to get stuff done with little ones around. Nice if they sleep at the same time though!!
cabin + cub said…
Hee hee ... he is such a cutie! ;)
Sarah said…
Lot's of baking?? Just the kind of 'stuff' that I think is in the 'want to, should do, and need to do' category! Adorable picture, amazing how many times a day your children can melt your heart, right? :)

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