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Well what a weekend, the weather was shocking, and Achlan and I have a silly nose cold.

Despite feeling yuck all weekend I did manage to get some crochet done.

I made these slippers for Achlan

He loves them and he can't stop saying 'Thank-you mummy', it's so sweet.

I also had a play around with my mouse I was having so much trouble with so I decided to start again and finished up with this:
What do u think? Haven't come up with a name yet so still thinking :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Help, please.

I have just finished creating this little mouse, though I am really having trouble working out his face. I was going to use beads as his eyes and a small pompom as his nose, but now im not sure.
This little fellow stands at 5cm tall so he's not that big, any suggestion would be fantastic.
I have also been working on a few other designs, I have just finished writing up a pattern fo a catterpiller, so I hope to have her up in the next few days.

Hello Hello

Well what a hetik few weeks has it been, I have been very busy writing up my business plan, though I am getting there.
I have also been very busy trying to create a business card template which is coming along quite nicely (I'II post a pic as soon as I am finished).
In between all my business stuff we have been trying to get our house sorted out, it's amazing how much junk you collect over just a few years, but its starting to there.
Unfortunilty I don't have any pics of any of the work I have done, as I hav'nt done much, mainly writing.