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Sunny dayz......

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunny day and perfect for the boyz to play outside and perfect for some photos.




H haven't really been doing anything new with my Crochet, just finished off my Stars/Snowflake order and now starting to restock a few more. I also wanted to get some done for our tree too......
Yesterday I also made it past 50 sales on Etsy by selling 2 more packs of the Christmas Stars.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Sorry about the long delay between posts, I just haven't had the time to pop on...
Wow Liam is now 3 weeks old and I don't think I have finished a cup of coffee or at least a hot cup of coffee LOL.....
This house has become a crazy house!

Liam is doing wonderfully, both Achlan and Thomas just adore him and are both so helpful with him.
Achlan is so proud of is little brother!

As hectic as family life has been, I have also been busy finishing off an order of 200 Snowflakes for EMPOWA for them to sell at there fund raising day.
Now that I have finished the order I have a few days of relaxing with my boyz then a new custom order starts next week for some brooches. I just can't believe how bust I have been.......its crazy! (but fantastic, saving for a laptop :))

Liam has arrived.....

Sorry about the MIA for a week or so I have been a little busy. Liam arrived on the 31st Oct. (Halloween Baby) He is so beautiful and a whopping 9lb 1 oz, we didn't expect him to be soo big. He's all Cheeks! He is doing so well and sleeping wonderfully and only waking once during the night, he is such a blessing. More cute pics will come :)
So the crochet has taken the back seat the past week or so, I am now just starting to get back into the snowflakes still have heaps to do but I should get there lol.