Sunny dayz......

Yesterday we had a beautiful Sunny day and perfect for the boyz to play outside and perfect for some photos.




H haven't really been doing anything new with my Crochet, just finished off my Stars/Snowflake order and now starting to restock a few more. I also wanted to get some done for our tree too......

Yesterday I also made it past 50 sales on Etsy by selling 2 more packs of the Christmas Stars.


Those stars look so sweet. I'm not surprised that they are selling well for you!
Your boys look sweet, too! Enjoy your days with them.
Leah said…
You sound very busy, well done with all of those sales! Happy and cute little boys too!
Nicole said…
I still LOVE those Christmas stars!
elizabethjayne said…
Congrats on 50 sales! Your boys are beautiful :)

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