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Business is Slowing.....

I have been reading a lot on Blogs and forums that's sales on Etsy have been slowing and mainly due to the World economics, its quite scary to hear all this happening.
My advice is make the most of this slow period by stocking up on stock for you shop and get creative so that your shop is FULL of yummies and when everyone feels its safe to start spending again your shops will be full of variety.

I am starting on a few scarves for my etsy shop and also a few more Coffee Cup Cozies in a variety of colors, so stay tuned for those.

I had a check-up yesterday with the Midwife and shes not too sure I will make it to my next appointment as bubz is VERY low, so if you don't all hear from me for a few days that could be the reason......I'm getting soo excited about meeting this little feller, I got all his bags packed and started mine so I'm ready if he dose decide to come a little early.

Brooch Madness

I have been soo bust making more brooches for the Body Shop I have neglected my Etsy shop........
I have about 101 things running though my mind of what I should create next, but with my 3rd LM due in less than 4 weeks now I don't want to get too wrap up in anything. Though I have been thinking about giving my brooches a make over and recreating them I just need to find that inspiration...

Stay tuned I hope to have something new in the next few dayz.....
Pop on over to and you will notice my Water Melon coasters are on the front page!

This weeks Featured Seller.....

This week I have decided to just feature one seller, I stumbled across while I was looking for a few Christmas gift ideas for the family. This shop is full of amazing necklaces, rings and earrings and is soo worth a look. Here are just a few pics:

Brooch Fruit Salad???

I made up a heap of brooches the other day to give to Kerry at The Body Shop, she wanted to try and sell them at the managers meeting, she sold 10 in a matter of minutes and now need more. Wow I never thought I could sell something that quickly.

So I have been busy again crocheting brooches and I also put up a few extra in my shop so feel free to have a look (

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and TFL!

It's My Birthday......

Yep today I'm 25, boy I feel soo much older...... I am though having a wonderful day, my boyz and I went fo a big walk and got some sunshine. I also got (for my birthday) a wonderful new iron, and very comfy pair of walking shoes and from my DH and Boyz a beautiful bracelet which is just to die for. Thank-you to my wonderful friends and family for my wonderful gifts.
I have also been quite busy coming up with a few new creations, I have been working on some necklaces/chokers but was finding it really hard to come up with something I really liked, though I finally have:

(I still need to add a clasp on the back)

I would love to hear what you all think, please feel free to let me know!

So many UFO!!!!

(Unfinished Objects)
Looking though all my craft over the weekend I came across a few things that I had started but never got around to finishing. Though I have to admit now I am better and I do usually finish all that I start. Most of my UFO's I think I will just undo and use the yarn on something else though I have set myself a goal for the week and that's to get at least 1 thing finished!

Remember a few weeks back how I had a Blog give-away..... The winner Natalie received her pack of flowers the other day, and I am so happy she loved them. She has also been kind enough to add a like to my Etsy shop on her Blog, so I thought I would do the same for her:
She has a beautiful shop and at the moment she has some beautiful Halloween goodies.

A custom order I just finished!


Busy Busy Busy

With only 6 weeks until the baby is due I can't believe how my little business has picked up, I am in the middle of two BIG custom orders and I have new stock on the go.
It has been fantastic, I think the best feeling is getting returned customers coming back to order more, it leaves me with that warm fuzzy feeling :)

I have also been enjoying myself over at Got Sketch 102 with the amazing sketches that have been designed for us, wow very talented ladies......
Here one of my takes on there Sketch:
I would like to thank everyone who has left me little comments on the Blog, Thank-you.

This Weeks Favorites

I have had so much mun searching for these this week on Etsy......

I just thought these were all soo cute and they are for sure on my Shopping List!


Spring has just started and the sun has just started to come out, it is so nice to see the sun and it makes such a difference on your mood and energy.
Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to pop out into the garden and pull out some of the winter weeds, before I knew it the bin was full lol.
I also have had a good couple of days in the creation side of things too, I made some Halloween Coffee Cup Cozies: I also made a new Light Box and have fixed up a few of my old photos, feel free to take a look and tell me what you think..... TFL :)

Taking time to Chill

The past few days have been very tiring so I have spent some time Chilling out a little and putting my feet up.
In saying that I have still been crocheting and managed to get some scrapbooking done too :)

I completed the Pre-Class Sketch for Got Sketch 102:

The crocheting I managed to get done was another set of Coffee Cup Cozies, but this time they are Blue and Cream:

I am currently working on a few new designs so hoping they turn out and I will be posting soon!


Sorry about being so late in announcing the winner of my Blog competition, we came home from a 1st Birthday and I crashed on the couch for the rest of the night, was just soo tired.

Anyway the Lucky Winner is..................

Tins and Treasure!!!
Thank-you everyone who entered and because I had such fantastic responses I am planning another giveaway in a few weeks time so don't forget to pop back and check it out!