Taking time to Chill

The past few days have been very tiring so I have spent some time Chilling out a little and putting my feet up.
In saying that I have still been crocheting and managed to get some scrapbooking done too :)

I completed the Pre-Class Sketch for Got Sketch 102:

The crocheting I managed to get done was another set of Coffee Cup Cozies, but this time they are Blue and Cream:


I am currently working on a few new designs so hoping they turn out and I will be posting soon!


Jane Grafton said…
nice blog and nice work!
I know exactly what you mean. I have put my feet up every day this weekend to nap with our 3yr old. I've managed some crafting too but nothing finished yet to display.
Melissa said…
Super cute cozies! What size cups do they fit?
Estela said…
I love the coffee cozies!! I need to get one from you!
Precious sketch and very pretty coffee cozy! I also love your Three favorite things section! Great idea! :), allie
Anonymous said…
Precious sketch! And very pretty coffee cozy! I love thise colors together! I also love your my three favorite things section! Great idea! :), allie
Anonymous said…
thanx for stopping by i'm adding your link

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