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Quick Sale....

Well I finished making these Coffee Cup Cozies Yesterday and but the evening that were sold...
That is fantastic, so I am now off to start creating more, feel free to leave any color combos in the comments that you would like to see created :)

Well I have been busy...

My fingers have been bust coming up with new creations and these are what I have been doing., These are crochet neck warmers and is that perfect scarf for Autumn or Spring.
Please feel free to let me know what you think..
I know I need to model them on a person or at least a mannequin, i'm working on that one lol.
I also have a few other thing in the process of being made so I hop to have them all up in the next few days.
Thank-you for looking and please leave your comments :)

Yah, $100 in sales

I have finally reached my first two goals, $100 in sales and 10 sales. I finally feel like my little business is starting to move.

Though at the moment I cant upload any more goodies for sale as our beloved memory card sadly died over the week-end (was rolled over by a chair), so untill I get a new one I will continue to create, then put what I have done up here and in my shop.

I have been feeling very tired over the past week or so, I'm almost 14 weeks, cant stop eating and feel like crap, though looking forward to the next few weeks when thing start to feel good again.

Whats New?

This is the new scarf I have been working on and doing a few more colors too, it looks really nice IRL.

Wow, whats the big news???
I am 12 weeks Pregnant with out 3rd child so its all very exciting. My due date is the 24th Oct.
Morning sickness has been a pain, it has been lasting all day and making me feel really tired, so I hope it all stops soon as I really want to spend more time on Crocheting hahaha...
I'II pop some pics up of the other colors as I finish them :)

My latest Creations............

Ok here a few pic's of what I have been up too, first this is mt NEW Coffee Cup Cozy, though I still have a few design issues I have to sort out, plus I want to make it look a little more funky.

I have also been busy on some cluches, I have done a two tone purple and a green and brown.

Please check out my Etsy shop for more details, and please feel free to leave any feedback, I love hearing what you all think.

Stay tuned I have some big news to tell you all :)


It's been 2 weeks since I last posted, I have been feeling quite sick, but stating to feel better now :)

Even though I have been feeling sick I have made a couple of things, I have been trying out some cup cozy for coffee cups. I almost have the pattern worked out..........(I'II post some pics tomorrow)

I also have managed to get some scrap booking done, here are a couple of LO's I have completed:
The top one is my son Achlan on his 3rd Birthday enjoying a Freddo ice cream cake. The second LO is a wedding photo I have had in my photo box.

P.S I will post some pics tomorrow of my cup cozy's)