Yah, $100 in sales

I have finally reached my first two goals, $100 in sales and 10 sales. I finally feel like my little business is starting to move.

Though at the moment I cant upload any more goodies for sale as our beloved memory card sadly died over the week-end (was rolled over by a chair), so untill I get a new one I will continue to create, then put what I have done up here and in my shop.

I have been feeling very tired over the past week or so, I'm almost 14 weeks, cant stop eating and feel like crap, though looking forward to the next few weeks when thing start to feel good again.


Anonymous said…
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H.E.Eigler said…
congrats on meeting your goal!
Linda said…
Congrats on reaching your goals!
& I hope you start to feel better soon Kylie :)

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