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Busy Busy Busy....

Wow I don't think I have had time to sit the last week or so, getting ready for Christmas and running around after my 3 boys....So this is just a quick post to say Merry Christmas to all my readers and a Big Thank-you for all your kind words and support in 2008.

Here are some pics of a new Brooch and a scarf (look how good they look together :) )

New Pics of Liam

Wow what a busy week I have had, just finished off another custom order and still it seems I haven't seem to of gotten my new projects it seems to taking forever!

Though I did have time to rake a few pics of Liam


I have been wasting a lot of time playing on my new laptop lol were I should be creating and

These have been just some of the new things I have been working on. They are brooches, they are double the size of my small rose brooches, and the are avaiable in my Etsy Shop.

I have some really good new regarding the growth of my little business. Yesterday I meet a lovely lady that creates beautiful Jewls and is wanting to do some work together, so in the new year there will be a few new things that I will be doing, very exciting.

I just brought myself a Sizzix BigShot die cutting machine and hoping to use it to add fabric embelishments to some of my work, just have to get some dies now lol.....

Santa Came early for me.....

I have been saving up my monies from my sales and today I finally brought myself a laptop and its fantastic!
I now means I will be able to get some more promotinal work done at night when the kiddies are sleeping and Glenn (hubby) is playing on now his computer. He is so gelous and keeps trying to kick me off the laptop so he can have a look lol.....

I am still working on my new items, but I have just recived a custom order so getting that finished first!

New Colour Brooches

I'm still working on my new creations (hair Clips and Sun Glasses Case) But I got these done today: Pink Rose Brooch, Teal Rose Brooch, Fall/Winter Brooch, and a Blue/Gray Rose Brooch. They are all avaiable in my Etsy Shop.

Feel a little stuck.....

between creating things in Winter Colours for my US/UK buyers or go with Bright funky Summer Colors because its Summer here in Oz??????
The other dilemma is what are this seasons winter colors, I have seen a lot of Blues, Grays, Olive Green, Browns and White/Cream, any more..........
I have been very lucky today and received an Etsy order which is fantastic considering I haven't really done much promoting since Liam was born.
I have found some time today to sit down and think of some new products for my shop, so hoping to have something to show in the next few days or so.
Last night I got the first pics of Liam smiling Beautiful!

New Colour

This is a new colour I picked up the other day from the Yarn Shop, I call it Beautiful BubbleGum Though I haven't really done very much for my Etsy shop I have been busy, I have a new order coming up this week for some more brooches, I just don't know how big or small it will be. Everyone is doing really well hear, Liam who is just over 4 weeks old now has started sleeping though the nights, which is fantastic I feel like a new woman lol. Were off to Achlan's Kinda Open Day next week which hes really looking forward too. Sorry it just a short post.....more coming soon