Santa Came early for me.....

I have been saving up my monies from my sales and today I finally brought myself a laptop and its fantastic!
I now means I will be able to get some more promotinal work done at night when the kiddies are sleeping and Glenn (hubby) is playing on now his computer. He is so gelous and keeps trying to kick me off the laptop so he can have a look lol.....

I am still working on my new items, but I have just recived a custom order so getting that finished first!


Oh, You are going to love your laptop! I just got my own, too, and don't know how I got along without it...Have fun!
Leah said…
congratulations on making enough sales to purchase a laptop! Enjoy!
I'm happy for you...Enjoy your new laptop. I'm not sure what I'd do without mine?!
Terri said…
Congrats on your new laptop!! Isn't it just the best?

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