Feel a little stuck.....

between creating things in Winter Colours for my US/UK buyers or go with Bright funky Summer Colors because its Summer here in Oz??????
The other dilemma is what are this seasons winter colors, I have seen a lot of Blues, Grays, Olive Green, Browns and White/Cream, any more..........
I have been very lucky today and received an Etsy order which is fantastic considering I haven't really done much promoting since Liam was born.
I have found some time today to sit down and think of some new products for my shop, so hoping to have something to show in the next few days or so.

Last night I got the first pics of Liam smiling


Jacqueline said…
I always like bright cheerful colors even if is winter time. n_n Congratz on your sales..your items are really nice and i was really enjoying myself there at your shop. And oh boy, Liam is just so adorable and precious! Your blog is wonderful and glad i found it. n_n
Shay said…
Wonderful blog.
I think a variety of colors is good to have. I tend to make whatever strikes me regardless of the season.
What a cutie!
SleightGirl said…
Awww...What a beautiful baby! And congrats on your etsy order!
Leah said…
can't wait to see your new designs! Gorgeous little boy smiles!

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