New Colour

This is a new colour I picked up the other day from the Yarn Shop, I call it Beautiful BubbleGum
Though I haven't really done very much for my Etsy shop I have been busy, I have a new order coming up this week for some more brooches, I just don't know how big or small it will be.
Everyone is doing really well hear, Liam who is just over 4 weeks old now has started sleeping though the nights, which is fantastic I feel like a new woman lol.
Were off to Achlan's Kinda Open Day next week which hes really looking forward too.
Sorry it just a short post.....more coming soon


Alison Du Bois said…
Pretty color - very vibrant!
Sounds like you and the boys are doing well...anxious to hear more. I hope you see more traffic in your Etsy shop after my post yesterday!
I think that is a fine name! Soooo pretty too :O) x

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