It's My Birthday......

Yep today I'm 25, boy I feel soo much older......
I am though having a wonderful day, my boyz and I went fo a big walk and got some sunshine. I also got (for my birthday) a wonderful new iron, and very comfy pair of walking shoes and from my DH and Boyz a beautiful bracelet which is just to die for.
Thank-you to my wonderful friends and family for my wonderful gifts.
I have also been quite busy coming up with a few new creations, I have been working on some necklaces/chokers but was finding it really hard to come up with something I really liked, though I finally have:

(I still need to add a clasp on the back)

I would love to hear what you all think, please feel free to let me know!


Reny said…
Beautiful choker, and nice blog.
Leah said…
Happy Birthday!!
Happy birthday!!! The choker is gorgeous. :)
Lauren said…
Lovely choker! Happy belated birthday!
rkdsign88 said…
Beautiful work. Happy Birthday :)
Kari said…
Happy Birthday!
Beck said…
Happy, happy!!!! ;O)
T.Allen-Mercado said…
Happy birthday!

The choker is very pretty. I have an affinity for crocheted designs, but I live in AZ, so no go there!
Jennifer said…
thank you for stoping by my blog and HAPPY B_DAY to you! Your work beautiful, do you sell your creations in any boutiques?
Rocki said…
Happy belated birthday! Those are some very cool gifts :)

(found you via the etsy forum)
Estela said…
how gorgeous!!

happy birthday!!!!
Hope you had a really wonderful b.d., Kylie! I am sorry that I haven't had time to visit the blogs I love too much lately, so I missed your big day, but maybe you are a believer in 'better late than never'? I hope so. And here's to you having a FABULOUS "New Year" and getting everything wonderful that LIFE has to offer! (You are a baby at 25!!!)
Annette said…
Happy Birthday! Lovely choker, thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Heya Kylie,

A belated Happy birthday wish!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!..... you spring chicken!!! hehehe!!

Ta for checking out my new slip tops, they are pretty bright!!! no blending in when you wear them!!

Your chokers are stunning!!!

Ema LOu X.x.
so cute! you are so talented!

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