A custom order I just finished!


elizabethjayne said…
Ooh, it's lovely! I'm sure they'll adore it :D
SnazzyJazzie said…
hi kylie, thanks for dropping by my blog. your work is equally stunning! crocheting is soemthing i absolutely have no patience for so i really admire what you're doing. all the best for the new baby. will be checking your blog very often.
Ben Mcfuzzylugs said…
Thankyou for voting for me :o)

That is so cute, I am sure it will be so loved
Hi, Kylie,
Your package arrived...the little flowers are even better in person! Thank you so much.
Check out my blog today, I added a link to your shop. I hope it brings you a little traffic.
Vanessa said…
Very cute! I'm sure they will love it :)

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