So many UFO!!!!

(Unfinished Objects)
Looking though all my craft over the weekend I came across a few things that I had started but never got around to finishing. Though I have to admit now I am better and I do usually finish all that I start. Most of my UFO's I think I will just undo and use the yarn on something else though I have set myself a goal for the week and that's to get at least 1 thing finished!

Remember a few weeks back how I had a Blog give-away..... The winner Natalie received her pack of flowers the other day, and I am so happy she loved them. She has also been kind enough to add a like to my Etsy shop on her Blog, so I thought I would do the same for her:
She has a beautiful shop and at the moment she has some beautiful Halloween goodies.


Ha! I can totally related to the UFO situation. My home is full of unfinished projects. I think my problem is that each time I get a new idea, I drop everything else and start in on the new one. :p

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