Loving this SunShine

Oh wow we have been having such beautiful weather the past few dat which is nice! It really makes you want to get things done, so I painted my white desk and now looks nice and freash, though I still have a few finishing touches then I will take a piccie :)
Also the garden is looking fantastic, I now LOVE looking out at it :)

I am also getting ready for my fist Craft market so I though I would just start off with the brooches and rings and see how I go, its not till another 3 weeks but really want to get things looking good :)

I will have some more pics soon of some of my new creations (I have my camera on charge)

Hope everyone is haveing a wonderful day!


Felicity said…
love all your creations, your super clever!
I think spring is on its way and yes makes you be a little bit productive! :)
Thanks for always stopping by my blog.
wendy said…
Hi Kylie,
I'm loving this gorgeous sunshine too! It's even almost warm today, yay!
which market are you going to? I'd love to come along and see you (got my eye on one of your rings).
JuliaB said…
good luck with your craft market! I know what you mean about the sunshine motivation factor!

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