Shabby Chic Necklace

I thought I would have a play around with making some necklaces and came up with this:

The Necklave is 43com round and is ajustiable and is made from white ribbon and cotton with a clasp!
I would really love to hear some opinions :)


Leah said…
♥♥♥! I just love crochet flowers and pearls, gorgeous!!
Audrey said…
That's really cute! It amazes me what people can make just by "playing around"! I just make a mess. LOL
Kylie it's BEAUTIFUL!!

xo Steph
zukzuk said…
You certainly create some very cute things. Thanks for stopping by and playing the giveaway game - good luck!
That is lovely , such a pretty colour !
~♥Sonya said…
Your creations are truly lovely! You are so talented and creative. And I love your blog as well!

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