Christmas Already?????

I have just made a start on a order for 120 Christmas Stars, last year they sold really well and sold over 500 so really hoping to beat that this year! After I finish this order I will be making a start on stars for my shop.

Also, I did some scrapbooking over the weekend:

And here is a pic of Liam sleeping, he is such a beautiful sleeper! He is now almost 10 months, were has the year gone.........


Felicity said…
love that LO kylie!!
Cant wait to see your stars your making!!
Piggy said…
Congrats on your new order. I can't believe people are starting to place order for Christmas already.. I am still not there yet :) Still looking for that order.. :D
Linda said…
Wow, that is an awesome LO, it! And such a gorgeous photo of Liam sleeping - so adorable!

Congrats on the order for your christmas stars - your crocheting is amazing!
babalisme said…
Oooo Liam is such an angel!!! You're going to be occupied by his first birthday, aren't you? :D have fun, this is Liam's big first year!

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