New Embellishment Site

Its fantastic! Karen from Scrapbook'n'Bits has just opened another wonderful site called ScrapbookBlossoms
It stocks heaps of flowers, including some of my crochet flowers all at fantastic prices. Be sure to check it out!


Kylie said…
I saw your flowers on the site Kylie - congratulatoins. I love those little flowers - the one's I got from you on Etsy were just gorgeous. My niece who's 7 loved them and took a couple home to keep.
Take care
Your little crochet flowers are so very sweet. A scrapbook page is the perfect place for them.
I Etsy shop has been slow too, compared to before the holidays.
How are your boys? Take care ~Natalie
Sarah said…
I love crochet flowers, sweet and delicate :)

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