Nothing new, just wanted to let you all know that I will be busy crocheting some scrapbooking flowers for a couple of scrapbooking shops. So that should keep me very busy for the next few weeks!

Not much has been happening over at my Etsy shop latly.....I'm doing all the things I uaslly do but it just seems so quite atm, what about for you?


elsiee said…
just discovered your oh so cute blog on an etsy forum thread-

come on over and visit me sometime:
Sarah said…
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your nice comment :)

I love to crochet, but haven't learned some of the more intricate designs, etc. I was looking in your shop and discovered 'Crochet Tree Applique'. I love trees, as well, and had not seen a crocheted one before!

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