My 3 Favirot Things This Week!

While searching on Etsy this week I found these:

Amethyst Wraparound Bracelet

Chillin (black bg) - Acrylic on Canvas (9x12)

Mod circles and rings long felt wallet

Hope you like them as much as I do


AMIdesigns said…
Thanks so much for featuring my bracelet! Great blog too
AbbaDabbaBags said…
Those are great finds! I just found a couple new favorites in amidesigns' shop!
Ella Parry said…
Great! featured!!
Estela said…
such cute finds!
S T E P P I E said…
I am so flattered to be featured on your blog! I'm so happy you like the black "Chillin" painting. :) I can custom make that painting into any size, and sell them in pinback buttons as well!

Again, thank you so much! :)

I LOVE that amethyst bracelet!
w said…
that felt wallet is nice!

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