2 New Clutches

I decided to finish off a couple of clutches I had on the go, a pretty purple and a Beautiful Green. I just absolute love working with this yarn, its 100% Australian wool and its so soft and not like some cheap wools that can be quite coarse.
I also decided to make a start on my SIL's baby gift (she due a week before me) so I making a lovely green and cream baby blanket, I just hope she like it too.. (pics soon).
I am hoping tonight I will get a chance to sit down and so some scrapbooking and relax (fingers crossed we get the kiddies in bed early), so hoping to have a few pics of some LO's tomorrow for you all.....


Gillian :O) said…
Such Sweet clutches Kylie :)
Jane Grafton said…
The clutches are adorable!
These colors are so rich. My daughter would especially love the purple clutch!
Those clutches are so cute! Great job! :)
Jane Grafton said…
Kylie...I just noticed you're from Aussie...one of my very dear friends is from there. I just met her about 3 years ago. She lives in US now and she's a dear.

I love your style of work. It's so beautiful!
BigCat said…
They are so pretty. I love the little flower detail.
Estela said…
OMG these are absolutely adorable!! I love them so much!!
wavecloud said…
these are adorable clutches!!
I've seen these on Etsy while browsing, so cute!

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