Just a few of my Fav.Things

I am dedicating this post to just some of the beautiful things on Etsy.

Check out my favorites each week as I will upload 3 of the must haves of Etsy!


Great blog!! I absolutley love that pendant:)
tagisa said…
I like the third picture, the pendant!
Ravenhill said…
The pendant is stunning! They are all wonderful!
Ella Parry said…
Great selection!! Love it
Ella Parry said…
great selection, love it!!!
Lost Mitten said…
Beautiful items, and a great blog!!
S T E P P I E said…
Thanks so much for your compliments on my cards!

I have a few more here:

:) Enjoy!

SugarBugSlings said…
Awesome finds! That sock dog is pretty rockin' =)

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