I have almost been Blogging a week.


I got some really kool news today, I had won a competition from my local Scrapbooking shop, it was for a LO that I submitted in last month challenge, I'm so stoked.

OMG I cant believe it's almost Christmas, I have nothing ready and I'm hosting Christmas this year, I think it time to get those skates on and get the menu sorted out...lol

We took our boys, Thomas and Achlan to see all the pretty Christmas Lights..Oh Achlan was so cute "Look Mama Merry Christmas Lights" it just sounded so cute when he was saying it. Then when we finally got home (2 hours later), he steps out of the car and says "Thank-you mama for the Merry Christmas Lights", my heart just melted, he has soo much spirit.

My youngest Thomas is going though a very clingie stage atm but I did get to take this very cute photo of him.

So not much crochet done though I have just started another lovely doily, and I also sent out some small Christmas stars to a few friends.

As much as I love Christmas I am looking forward to see the other side and get things around hear back to normal, even my husband Glenn has been working very long hours as he is soo busy at work too.

I am just looking forward to sitting down with my hooks and get creating.
Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.


rosen said…
I could have sworn that was Achlan and yes you had better get organised for chrissie, I looking forward to lunch see you then .
Lesalicious said…
Awww so cute, congrats with keeping up blogging. Looks like you all had a ball. :)Have a great weekend:)

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