Meet my Christmas Birdies

Wow what a busy past couple of dayz it has been, the business course has just been wonderful and has really opened my eyes into the world of business.

I have so much mixed emotions about it, excited by the thought of where I can go with it and also the fear of where it can take me, but in a positive way. So at the moment it's all about learning, research and putting it all into practice.

Meet my very untraditional wonky Christmas Decorations, they are both made out of felt and hand stitched together.
I had so much fun making these and they look so cute on our tree.
Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful day, and a big thanks to everyone that has left some feedback, I love hearing what you all think.


Caroline said…
Darling! I love the look of that blanket stitch on felt!
Lesalicious said…
Very cute great job.
PeWee said…
these are precious

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