Well Hello There

It has been soo long since I last Blogged, yet not much has happened LOL.
I continue my Business course at the Body Shop HQ's next week, I am really excited to go back as I am really in need of some motivation ASAP LOL. Though things are starting to come together and I have made a start on writing up my Business Plan, but there is still soo much to do. I think I need to run away from home just to get some peace to sit down and get stuck into it!
I have also been busy creating a few more little goodies for you all to see.

This is a baby boys beanie with ear flaps, I have also done a baby girls one too.

And here are the rest:

So not much really!
I have had a real creative break down and just can't quite think what to make, I'm sure it will come to me in time.
Have a wonderful week everyone and a Big Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my very exciting Blog! :)


KieutiePie said…
Awwww i love ear flap hats! So cute!
love the color combo in the last pic
Rikkianne said…
Thanks so much for the comment Kylie:)

I adore your beanie flaps!!! Oh my, they are wonderful! Do they come in toddler sizes?

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