Whats new.....

Well not much really, been very busy with Birthdays to even get time to sit down and work on things, though I did manage to get these coasters done.

They are really Pretty with all those hearts.

What else has been happening, our Baby Thomas turned 1, it feels like last year went so quick. He had a wonderful day we took our boys down to Morington to go for a ride on the Old Steam Train, they both loved it.
I really look forward to getting more done in the next coming weeks so keep checking back to see whats new.


Caroline said…
Darling coasters! Perfect for valentine's day!
Lesalicious said…
Happy bday to Thomas Love the coaster :) great job.
KieutiePie said…
Those coasters are totally cute!!! I didn't even notice the hearts until you mentioned them. I like that they're kind of subtle and not overbearing. =}

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