5 LO's in 1 weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend scrapping, I completed 5 LO's that I am so very proud of.
I only have pics of 4 though I will get the last one up later today.

Although I didn't do much crochet I did get another sale, and have come up with some ideas for my shop, stay tuned...... lol

Winter is sure here, it's frezzing and I can't feel my toes. I love winter though hot chocolates and big woolly jumpers lol

I will post more when I have done some new goodies for my shop


Barbra said…
Love your work and your shop...nice to meet you! Stay warm!
Karma by Morgan said…
id have a fire too!!!
Nodin's Nest said…
Looks like you had fun this weekend! great work!
Bluebirdcrafts said…
I Love the second picture :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, you got a lot done. And here I sit on my lazy butt.

Nice work. I admire all you scrappers :)
beadinbythesea said…
Oh my! I had to look at your profile to see why you were talking about winter. I figured you must be living down under. Making scrap layouts is a great thing to do on a cold winter's day. Great job on your layouts!
Liz said…
Woohoo Kylie on all your layouts - they look terrific and so glad you joined in the fun with your first Scrapboutique CC - it's a wonderful place to hang out and thanks for joining in Kylie.
ellie said…
really cool scrapbooking. i like to crochet..mainly caps. I'm working on a tam made of cotton right now.
your layouts are so great it makes me want to get my dusty scrapbook supplies out and finish those baby albums! Your stuff is just beautiful!
enjoying your blog. I love to use crocheted flowers on my hippie blue jean bags.

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