My long Awaited Rex litter is Here

Yesterday after lunch I poped out to check up on Whisper my guinea pig, and saw she had finally had her babies. This is my first purebreed litter and as you could imagian I am very excited,
here are some pics:
Very Cute!


Caroline said…
OMG!!! Love the guinea pigs! They're my favoite!
Nessa Monster said…
Oh My Gosh!
They are so cute!
I love when they squeak!
Hee hee!
Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Ctina said…
how precious! I like that last little fellow (fella?). Congrats on being a grandma! :p
La Alicia said…
how cute -- they're so little!
MelsDolls said…
OMG, how adorable! :)
SpinachNPeace said…
so cute! please keep us updated with regular pics of these little ones!
Arty Allsorts said…
I love guinea pigs - unfortunately hubby is allergic so I just have to make do with an occasional cuddle from my friends two!

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