Scrapbooking and Crochet

Back before Christmas I started making crochet flowers for a couple of scrapbooking shop. I have now decided I will also stock some of these flowers in my shop, so so far I have only done one size (3cm) but in a few colors.

What do u think, if you have any suggestion please feel free to pass them on.
I will be doing a few different sizes and more colors.

I have also reached 20 weeks into my pregnancy so were half way there and all is well, though still no name!?!?


What a pretty bunch of flowers..Like the colors..Congratulations on your baby..How exciting.
Shelly said…
thanks for visiting my blog! and I love love love crichet and scrapbooking--what a perfect combo!!!!
jenscloset said…
Sounds like a great idea, it's actually given me an idea..this would be a nice little gift to add to my customers items I send out..maybe attach it to my business card!
Ctina said…
These are super cute!

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