Busy Busy Busy

With only 6 weeks until the baby is due I can't believe how my little business has picked up, I am in the middle of two BIG custom orders and I have new stock on the go.

It has been fantastic, I think the best feeling is getting returned customers coming back to order more, it leaves me with that warm fuzzy feeling :)

I have also been enjoying myself over at Got Sketch 102 with the amazing sketches that have been designed for us, wow very talented ladies......

Here one of my takes on there Sketch:

I would like to thank everyone who has left me little comments on the Blog, Thank-you.


Leah said…
your scrapping looks gorgeous, the next 6 weeks will fly with your new business getting so busy! Well done!
Congratulations on your increased business. Your things are adorable, so I can see why!
Wendy Treseder said…
Hi Kylie,

Don't know why it's taken me so long to find your blog, but I'm so glad I've finally found you. Your work is awesome!!!
Well done you :)
Congrats on your upcoming birth!
Souly Stones said…
Congrats! That scrap book page is gorgeous and very well made!
Anonymous said…
Hi Kylie! Love your blog and your scrapbooking projects... very pretty! Congratulations on your new baby... lucky you :)

Karen said…
Hi Kylie! Love your scrapbooking projects...very pretty! Congrats on your new baby... he'll be here before you know it :)


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