Christmas Decorations!!!

Well I have decided to use this time to make a start on some Christmas Decorations, both for the shop and home.

I had a go at a snowflake last night not 100% happy with it but I think when I get the perfect cotton and change it a little it should turn out ok.

The pic is not the best and I need to find something nice to hang them up with!
What are you making for Christmas? Have you thought about it yet?


Jennifer Rose said…
I'm always jealous of people that can crochet and turn out things that are not a straight line. Well done :) I'm just trying to get some Xmas themed drawings done, just taking longer than I thought :/
This looks very much like a delicate snowflake...I like it...
Me? I'm working on Santas...
And, how are you feeling?
MySweetThree said…
That looks like it was extremely difficult and so creative! I am really not working on Christmas items, I would like to make some more ornaments, which are just a larger version of my beads...but time has not been on my side!! aaahh!!!
Sarah said…
Wow, you are super prepared to be getting a head start on Christmas already! Good for you :) And that snowflake is very cute!
Kari said…
That snowflake is really cute!

I'm working on a gingerbread man felt board set and need to decide on designs for children's shirts.
Tricia said…
What a pretty snowflake, i wish i could crochet that!
Giftbearer said…
Those snowflakes are really cool!
oo Christmas! yes...awhile back! I love the holidays and had made ornaments for my shop a few months ago. I've also got my holiday guide up just today as well for early shoppers and it ensures things are delivered on time!

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