Still no Action.....

My Crochet has been very quite the last few dayz as I have been feeling very tired. I'm now 39 weeks and waiting patiently for bubz to arrive I just hope its soon.
I will keep you all posted.


Oh...I've been patiently waiting to hear news of any kind!! Thanks for keeping us posted.
MySweetThree said…
Almost..!!! So exciting!!
Art By MAR said…
It won't be long now! Take it easy and make sure you get rest now.
Wow, too tired to crochet is pretty danged tired! When I was near the end, I had this nervous energy I had to do *something* with... so I moved all my bedroom furniture around! Hubby came home and mearly tied me down so I couldn't try that again! LOl
Hope you have an easy time of it!
indidi said…
Wishing you lots of rest and good luck with the baby!
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