Still waiting.....

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, I am still waiting for bubz to arrive (I was due on the 24th), I have been soo tired I haven't done much at all.
I have received an order for 200 of the snowflakes that I started to create so I have been busy cranking those out. I am just hoping I can archive that number by the end of Nov. If not I should get very close......
I went and saw the midwife on Saturday and they told me they would induce me no later than the 7th. Nov. Though I really am hoping something happens soon. Both Achlan and Thomas were over a week late so I'm starting to think its going to be the same with Liam.

Here are some recent pics I took of my boyz:


Lesalicious said…
Aww look at how cute they are. Best of luck with the snowflakes. You will soon pop. Just take it easy and relax.:)
200 snowflakes?!! How long does it take to make each one? I imagine you are pretty fast tho!
MySweetThree said…
Oh my! 200 snowflakes?! That is so wonderful, they are a hit! I have been wondering about you and your baby...You are in my thoughts.. And your boys are adorable..!! ((hugs)) to you, take great care,
elizabethjayne said…
Aww, you've chosen the prettiest names for them all! Best of luck with your latest birth :)

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