I have been wasting a lot of time playing on my new laptop lol were I should be creating and thinking....lol

These have been just some of the new things I have been working on. They are brooches, they are double the size of my small rose brooches, and the are avaiable in my Etsy Shop.

I have some really good new regarding the growth of my little business. Yesterday I meet a lovely lady that creates beautiful Jewls and is wanting to do some work together, so in the new year there will be a few new things that I will be doing, very exciting.

I just brought myself a Sizzix BigShot die cutting machine and hoping to use it to add fabric embelishments to some of my work, just have to get some dies now lol.....


Vintage Whimsy said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & commenting on my Christmas decorations!

Have fun on your new laptop! I am seriously addicted to mine.
These are very sweet little creations. I'm anxious to see what your next project will lead to!
fly tie said…
the brooches are cute. i especially like the second one. i just envisioned an putfit that i'd pin it to.
Alice said…
These are gorgeous!!!!
Linda said…
Your little brooches look gorgeous Kylie...oh so cute!

Lucky you getting a sizzix! Looking forward to seeing what you create from it.

and good luck in the new year with your little business expansion...well done!
strawberryluna said…
I just love the grey & orange one, great colors for cold weather seasons.

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