Falling Behind

Wow it feels like ages since I last Blogged, to be honest I have been feeling really unmotivated and Blah.....
I guess you have heard about the horror Bush Fires here in Melbourne, it has just been numbing watching it on the TV and to think these fires were only 1 hour away.....
For some reason I just cant feel positive about business and my crafts when all this devastation around us.

Though on a Brighte, Achlan has started Kinda and has settled in really well, he loves it. I can't believe my baby is going to start School next year, it just feels like it has come too quickly.
Though I have to admit I'm not a big fan of dragging the 3 boys out for the in and out for drop off and pick ups of Kinda.

I'm hoping next week I will find some motivation to get back into the swing of things.


Kylie said…
Hi Kylie - hope things get back on track for you soon. I know what you mean about dragging the kids around for drop off and pick ups. It became much easier when mine started school. Will we see you at the CC tonight? That might help with your mojo!!
Take care of yourself
Hi, Kylie,
We've all had you in our thoughts and prayers as we hear about your fires...I hope you stay safe.

Yes, those little ones do grow up fast, don't they?! Enjoy your days at home with them. Take care, Natalie
Chrisy said…
Yes all the loading and unloading of children is tiring...back in the old days mum either picked them up outside the school or they walked home...hope you get your mojo back this week...
Terri said…
I love meeting people in the forums, it's a great way to visit other blogs!

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