More Rings

I have been busy making some new rings for the shop I have just made another Hot Pink (first one sold) and then one in Chocolate Brown. I have just ordered in bulk some more ring bases and also a heap of the Brooch backings.

I'm planning on doing my first Market in the next coming weeks, so working on stocking up on brooches and rings and a few notebook. I am soo nervous there is soo much to organize..........


Angela said…
The rings are fabulous!
You can do it girl!!!!

xo Steph
JuliaB said…
They are cute!
You are one busy mommy! I love your work and your booth at Market will be fabulous!! Take care ~Natalie
Linda said…
Beautiful rings Kylie!
Jane said…
how cute are those rings you're making Kylie, just love them :) You are a clever little chickee.
Kylie, this very same picture is on the front page of right over to see for yourself! Congratulations. ~Natalie
Darling rings, Kylie!
Wow! I really love those rings!

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