Wow....I have been busy, orders coming in from everywhere, I think I'm starting to have trouble keeping up lol!
My Brooches have been selling like Hot Cakes, I am getting orders for them every week , 20 here, 40 there......I am also hoing my way though the scrapbooking flowers and as well as looking after 3 boys and a house, somethime I just don't know how I manage to fit it all in.......

A few months ago I did some crochet rings, don't know if you remember???? I decided to make up a few more in different colors the other day as I had sold the lasts ones and with-in less than 24 hours i had sold one, very happy about that!

Heres the link:
Was going to pop up some photos but there on the other computer, Arghhhh......

I also nees the winners of my Blog Give-away to email your address, I tried to find an email address but couldn't find one. So could Mia and Jodie please email at


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