New Bookmarks!

I have had a lot of people ask if I was going to do more bookmarks, so I finally got around to making some more up:                                       
I also have a few different colors in shop: and I wil have more coming!

I also have some Fantastic News, I have been excepted to sell on so keep a look out as i will be having NEW items in there very soon!

I will also be hosting a give-away verys soon on behalf of  MulryJewles from Etsy, so that will be happening very soon, so check back very soon for more details!


californiablue said…
Love the bookmarks! They are cheerful and fun :)
Mee a Bee said…
These are so sweet!
Congrats on getting into Leeloo, I hope it goes well for you! My friend Alfalfa is there too, look her up.
Leah said…
Congrats on selling to Leeloo! Love the bookmarks!
Thank you so much for the lovely visit! LOVE your creations!
Nattie's Place said…
Those are adorable! Great idea. I'm so jealous of anyone who can crochet! So many cute things to make. :)

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