Christmas Stars.........

I have just finished my first Christmas order of the Christmas Stars:
I make them in both White with Silver and White with Gold, and am now taking orders for Christmas. So please let me know if you would like some they are $10.00 for 3 and wholesale is available. I will have a listing up shortly in my shops, but please free to email me


billy boy & mia said…
these stars are lovely! I am going to have to get some, they would be good to add to the wrapping of the xmas presies on the top as an extra gift! Ah, going to have to start thinking about xmas presies . . hmm.
Erin said…
I love these! I agree with the previous comment. These are perfect to add to the Christmas package :)
These stars look cool. I can see a x-mas fill with them.
My grandmother has been crocheting snowflake ornaments very similar to these for years--she does a different design each year and includes them in all of her Christmas cards :) Yours are lovely--keep up the good work!

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