A Creative Sunday

Well yesterday I actually got something done, Yah!

I created two sets of Coasters in my Favourite Colour combo at the moment Blue and Cream, and also another Card Clutch! Shop

I really need to get lots more done so I have enought stock on hand for the Craft Market and also for the upcoming Christmas :)
I hope everyone Had a wonderful weekend and a Big Happy Birthday to all the dads out there that Celebrated Fathers Day yesterday :)


You have been super busy...what do your boys do when you are creating?! And you just had Father's Day?? Ours is in June...
I enjoy seein the pics of your boys. ~Natalie
cabin + cub said…
I am busy trying to make stock for Xmas too... eep!
Love the blue and white coasters.. so cute! ;)
Wow, you been busy.
Love the colors, so clean and fresh.
I wish I create as much in one weekend.
pixelhazard said…
You have beena busy bee. I love days when i get things done. That blue and cream is a lovely colour combo
Leah said…
well done! I love those flower coasters!

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