Had such a wonderful day

Those they don't already know, yesterday was my birthday!

I had such a wonderful day, my husband took me out for a beautiful lunch and then I went shopping and got some new scrapbooking supplies, Yah!

And to top it off the Saints Won (My AFL Footy Team) so that means were in the Grand Final, and it will only be the second time I have ever seen them in a grand final. So very excited :) hehehehe

Arghhh, I don't have any new photo's this time.......sorry!


CurlyPops said…
Happy Birthday Kylie! Wasn't it nice of the Saints boys to win just to celebrate with you. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
TMCPhoto said…
Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday. Shopping for something I love and a nice lunch is always a stellar way to spend a day
Hi Kylie :) Happy Birthday :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind words, love your creations!!!

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