New Buntings

I just finished making this really cute bunting for a little girls room, I LOVE the crochet hearts so thought I might also do some in blues for my boys room! They do look really sweet IRL :)

I also had heaps of fun taking some pics of Liam today, he was in a real smiley mood so I took advantage of it :)

He's really starting to show a beautiful personality, and he just LOVES playing with his Big Brothers Achlan and Thomas!


Love your focus ring and Liam is super cute!
TheFrogBag said…
How cute! Great photos!
Cute kid!!

Love the colors of your blog, soooo bright and cheerful!
Spread the love ;)

AMIdesigns said…
What an absolute cutie!
Chiara said…
How lucky you are that he's photogenic! :D
Cat said…
Lovely hearts, and what a little cutie!
So Pickin' Cute said…
That bunting is SO cute! So is Liam. He looks like a real sweetie!
What cute bunting! And those are great smiley photos :)
Regina said…
Mas é um encanto de bebe..Parabéns!!:)

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