Arrrrrrgh Chicken Pox

We woke up on Thursday to find Achlan very spotty, head to toe with the Chicken Pox, the first thing he said to me was "Mum I think I sang Rudoff the Red Nose Raindeer too much yesterday" I had to laugh it was soo cute! It now looks like there satrting to go away so hopfull by the end of the wee we will be Chicken Pox free :)

In the mean time I have been stocking up on the Crochet Flowers:

All up at the moment I have 20 different colors available.

I hope everyone is surving the Mad Christmas rush!


Hi Kylie,
Oh dear, Chicken Pox. Do you suppose your other boys will have them next? You know how brothers share!

I have always loved your sweet little crochet flowers.

Have a wonderful holiday season ~Natalie
Your poor little dude! :(
My boys both had the chicken pox when they were young, the oldest brought it home from school, of course during the Christmas Holidays. Oh well, they survived :)
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Wow those crochet flower rings are so cute.
illi said…
Awww I hate chicken pox... well from what I could remember anyways :)

PS. Cute flowers!
Aftab Ahmad said…
good work keep it up
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