Happy Australia Day

Well yesterday was Australia Day one of my favorite Holidays of the Year!, The weather was perfect and the lamb chops were beautiful! I hope that everyone had a wonderful day!

So far I have had a big start to the Year, which has been fantastic and very flattering. I am now working on stocking up, I ordered  100 ring bases and they arrived last week so having heaps of fun using my new colors and making some very pretty rings.

I was wondering which photo you liked better??? The ring by itself or on the fake hand???

Wow Can't believe Achlan will be back at Kinder soon, in a way I will be happy to get the kids back into there normal routine but then on the other had I like not having to rush around and just enjoy the day with the boys. Here's a really cute pic I took of them today with all 3 in one shoot :)


ilovestitches said…
Hi. I love your rings! I like the photos that have just the rings!
ohjoh said…
Hi Kylie,
Just found your blog! It's lovely and your rings are very sweet. Great to see a fellow Bizness Babe doing so well !!!
Jenny (from Ohjoh)
Monique said…
Those rings are gorgeous!!
I LOVE them presented on the hand.... but that's just me.
That photo is adorable, I love it - can't wait to see it scrapped!

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